frittataNow I will be the first to admit, when I first read about frittata I thought yuck, sounds like quiche without the pastry. I don’t like quiche (probably because of the horrible egg and bacon pie they used to serve us at school) so was sceptical about this one. However my mind is now changed. This recipe doesn’t have exact measurements as I pretty much winged it and I think this is probably the best way of doing it. I have done this with peppers and bacon, this one was done with chorizo and salami but pretty much grab what you have in the fridge.

When it is all set you can pick it up and eat it like a slice of pizza, I find frying the onions first and then putting everything else on top gives you a bit of an onion crust……..who needs pizza.





  • This is plenty to serve two.
  • 5 free range eggs
  • Half a large onion
  • Handful of chopped kale, spring greens, cabbage etc. Whatever you have to hand
  • A decent amount of cured meat
  • About five mushrooms
  • A good amount of grated cheese
  • Sliced tomato


  1. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add a handful of the grated cheese, season well
  2. Melt your favoured fat in a cast iron pan or a pan you can transfer to the oven
  3. Fry the onions and cabbage for about five minutes until soft
  4. Mix the chopped mushroom and cured meats with the egg/cheese mixture
  5. Tip the mixture onto the onion mix and allow to set for approx two minutes
  6. Slice the tomato and evenly place on the top, allow the eggs mixture to set around it
  7. Sprinkle another handful of grated cheese over the top
  8. Pop into a pre heated oven to 180 and bake for ten minutes or until the top is nicely golden brown
  9. Remove from oven and slice up as if it was a pizza

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